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Conditions of Use



The customer acknowledges:
  • To pay for damages other than normal usure
  • See the agreement of rental equipment
  • Allow the landlord to return the equipment when the filing period has expired
  • Be responsible for the loss, theft or mysterious disappearance of the leased equipment


Upon approval of his initials, the tenant agrees to pay an additional charge of 9% of its total rental to be exempt from paying damages to the leased equipment for mechanical breakdown excluding neglect, fire, theft and mysterious disappearance in any case. A deduction made according to the scale of damage waiver specified below will be responsible for repairs, this case does not remove any right of subrogation to the insurer. (The damage waiver insurance does not replace any risk that the tenant must maintain at all times and that the equipment at its own expense).

If the client is a corporation or a company representative and / or directors signing the lease holder is jointly and severally liable for any account pass due or missing items not returned.

Only the amount of returned equipment will be verified. Repairs and cleaning fees if applicable will be determined by inspection of the equipment. We charge the equipment is damaged or missing.

That the following conditions are an integral part of the lease.

Late payments will incur an additional 2% per month (24% per annum) charged on any balance remaining unpaid after the due date.


The lease is for the period stipulated in the contract and unless another date is specified in the contract begins on the date and time that the tenant reoit equipment.


All equipment can be rented for a minimum of one day except in cases where the tenant offering price per hour on certain items (noted on your contract if the item you rented package prices per hour)

For purposes of the contract, the rental periods are as follows:
  • 1 day = 24 hours
  • 1 week = 7 days
  • 1 month = 28 days

The tenant shall be deemed, for all purposes of law had the use of the leased machinery and accessories of the day or he will have the possession or until he returns to the landlord.

The tenant agrees to notify the landlord of any excess length of the permitted use of the leased equipment, which will be charged.


The landlord says he has had the opportunity to personally check the equipment. It further recognizes that the equipment is in good condition, it suits his needs and he knows his instructions. The landlord agrees to verify the operation and notify the landlord of any defects.


The tenant must pay the landlord the rate stipulated in the lease for each piece of equipment throughout the duration of the contract, if the contract expires, the tenant keeps the equipment with the consent of the lessor, the contract will then extended until the equipment is returned to the landlord on the same terms and conditions of the contract.

The landlord may, after giving written notice to the tenant of a day at any time terminate the contract and extended and repossess the equipment and this, enter any place to remove said equipment, without prejudice to any its other rights and remedies under the law and cecontrat.


Equipment and remain at all times be the sole property of the landlord and the tenant will have the right to operate this equipment under the terms and conditions of the lease.

The landlord can not move the equipment from the place indicated on the rental agreement without the prior written consent of the landlord.


The total loss, theft, fire or destruction of equipment shall not terminate the lease and the tenant must pay the rent as long as the equipment will not be returned to the landlord or the value equipment has not been paid to the landlord.

In addition, the tenant agrees to immediately notify the landlord and the police of any loss, theft or destruction of equipment.

The parties agree that the value of the leased equipment will be the replacement cost at the time of the accident.


The inability or delay not caused by the fault of the landlord to use the leased equipment does not relieve the tenant's payment of rent agreed on the lease and the tenant can ask the landlord compensation.


At the end of the contract or early termination, the lessee must return the equipment to the lessor at the lessor named on the lease in the same condition as when the tenant has to reu except normal wear. Unless the tenant keeps the equipment with the landlord's consent.

This and any person authorized by the lessor may repossess without notice and equipment for this purpose enter any place to remove the equipment. It will be up to the tenant to establish whether the equipment has been delivered and the date on which it was made.


The tenant ensures that the equipment will be used by Fawn suitable persons qualified to operate the equipment.

The tenant shall, at its own expense, keep the equipment in good operating condition and repair, it will become responsible for all damage to said equipment.

The tenant deviendr4a owner of any piece added or used instead.

The tenant agrees to provide access to the equipment to the lessor and any person authorized by the landlord for the purpose of inspection of equipment.

The tenant will have to undergo any repairs regardless of their nature and are not entitled to any reduction of rent.

The tenant must pay the taxes, fees, penalties or other charges relating to the possession or use of the equipment.


The tenant agrees to indemnify and fully indemnify the landlord in respect of any claim, demand or action taken against the landlord for any loss, injury or damages, including any lost profits or other consequential damages suffered by the landlord, its employees or agents or others due to the presence or absence of the equipment.


The landlord will not be responsible for any damage, loss or injury caused by the leased item during its use. Any fault of a third party, fortuitous event or force majeure such occurrence shall be invoked by the tenant against the landlord.

The landlord is responsible for damage or injury caused by defect, malfunction of the system on a device lelocateur rented and will not be liable to compensate the tenant in respect of any claim, demand or action for any such loss, injury or direct or indirect damages, loss of profit taken against the tenant by third parties.

At no time will the landlord liable for injury, delay or damage due to the use of the condition of said equipment, or other event beyond its control.

The tenant is responsible for the use of the rented objects as well as any damage to such items. It assumes all risks inherent in the operation of the use of these objects.

In addition, the tenant agrees to follow the provincial and municipal codes when using canisters, tanks or other pressurized containers and close them after use.


The landlord may, without prejudice to its rights and remedies under the lease and the law, terminate the rental agreement without the necessity of any notice if the tenant is in arrears in the payment of the rent or any other amount payable under this lease or if the tenant agrees to any of its other obligations under the lease or mortgage if the leased property, if a procedure is made for or against the tenant under the law on bankruptcy and insolvency or if the tenant passes a resolution for winding-up, therefore, it is no longer in possession of the equipment with the consent of the landlord knew.

The landlord and any person authorized by the landlord may then, without notice, retake possession of the equipment and, for this purpose, enter any place to remove the equipment.

In addition, the tenant shall pay immediately to the landlord any due refund amount due and to become due under the Lease damage suffered by the landlord because of the conservation of the tenant including any expenses reasonably incurred by the landlord to comply with the said lease.


The tenant may not sublet the Equipment or any part of equipment or assign his lease without the written consent of the landlord can if there is a serious reason.


The tenant must keep the equipment free of any chattel mortgage otherwise the tenant must reimburse the landlord for all amounts paid and expenses incurred by the landlord for release or discharge of any such mortgage.


The tenant agrees to give the landlord leased property in good clean condition. Failure by the tenant that the obligation to comply with this will be responsible for all cleanup costs.


The tenant agrees to pay to the landlord under the schedule contained in the lease, an overload of 9% of the total rent of the lease to be exempt from paying damages to the leased equipment from mechanical failure when the tenant will have its evidence is reasonable fawn during the time of rental.

  • The damage waiver does not replace the comprehensive insurance that the lessee shall maintain the equipment and at his own expense.
  • The damage waiver does not remove any right of subrogation to the insurer.
  • The tenant will be presumed not to have acted reasonably fawn in the following examples:
  • The consequences of a load, a load whose weight exceeds the maximum capacity of the device or its accessories, including tipping due to improper weight distribution.
  • Punctures cut tires, rim wheels damaged spawning chisel bit broken or damaged cable, Fish tape.
  • Allow equipment or accessories without supervision, accessible to all and not locked.
  • Damage caused by lack of oil, lubricant, poor grade of gasoline or fuel, freeze and use of equipment without the required accessories.
  • transportation equipment, negligence anchor, firmly secure to prevent it from falling and moving.
  • Taking without permission, and intentional misuse, loss or damage caused by the tenant's negligence.


The tenant agrees to pay legal fees and court costs and collection costs, charges or expenses caused by reason of his contract or the recovery of leased property claim everything as penalty.

In addition, in all cases, the landlord may claim compensation under Article 1618 of the Civil Code of Qubec.


All rented equipment where there is heat, combustion, explosion or friction, one where we operate with flammable and explosive manner or otherwise will be operated by the lessee under constant surveillance and properly by a qualified operator.


The invalidity of any one or more provisions of the contract shall not render void the remaining provisions of this Agreement.


No forbearance or mitigation of the landlord in the exercise of its rights under this contract or time granted to the tenant by the landlord can not prejudice or affect the rights of the lessor under the lease.


Any notice to the other party shall be validly given if sent by registered mail to the address of the other party mentioned on the lease and any notice so given shall be deemed to have been given the day after the mailed.


Unless the contrary intention appears in a contract, the words tenant and landlord wherever they are mentioned respectively mean the landlord, its administrators, executors, successors and assigns and the tenant, his administrators, executors, successors and assigns. If there is more than one landlord or tenant all obligations shall be joint and several.


Any account pass due shall bear interest at the rate of 2% per month (24% per year).

Any check not honored (NSF) will be charged $ 35.00 plus interest.